Mahalir Association for Literacy Awareness and Rights

In 1994 when the Literacy Movement at Kanyakumari district was coming to the close with the end of the Post-Literacy Campaign, the organisers who spearheaded the campaign thought of sustaining this successful, powerful movement, even without government funding. The organisers were Tamil Nadu Science Forum (TNSF), a peoples science movement (PSM), which is popularising Science since 1980, its development wing Centre for Integrated Rural development. (Now renamed as Centre for Ecology and Rural Development - CERD) After few brainstorming sessions, it was decided to mobilise poor and neo-literate Women into Self-Help Groups (SHGs) and continue the learning and empowering process. After studying different experiences in the country and abroad, guidelines were framed and circulated among literacy volunteers and learners, and then the rules were framed. After monitoring the response and getting the feed-back for few months, it was decided to form a separate organisation entirely for women under Societies Act. TamilNadu Science Forum and CERD decided to play the role of promoters and advisors. Now the federation has 1614 groups with nearly 30,000 members who have saved Rs. 27 Crores and the cumulative loan given to 29885 members has reached Rs127 Crores.

Now MALAR has a Nidhi company, Farmer Producer organisation and MALAR PEOLES STORES LIMITED OWNED BY WOMEN.



Economic Empowerment






In the Silver Jubilee year of MALAR, the organization planned many activities to take MALAR to a higher pedestal. One of that is MALAR PEOPLE Store owned by MALAR women with their bad earned equity. The stores aim to provide quality products to its members as well as General Public at Competitive price. The store will also focus on promoting exclusive Quality Products Produced by women from MALAR as well as others involved in home based, tiny and cottage rural industries.

MALAR Common Facility Center

MALAR has started Common Facility center for Food processing with the Support of NABARD from 2021. comonn facility center provides various services for the members to produce and pack the food products using modern machines at low cost. Also we are running a production unit using this center and selling the products with MALAR Label. In this production unit we are producing Cakes, Snacks, Juices, Health Mix,Masalas,etc... Also we are providing various support to develop food processing business. Also give assistance on Training, Finance Support,marketing Support,..etc. We have experienced team members along with dedicated professionals to maintain the quality and brand.


MALAR Goat Producer Company is a popular goat farmer producer company in Kanyakumari District with primary aim to help local village peoples to enhance their in income. We also give assistance on goat farming techniques, better feed management, proper breeding practices and selection of higher quality livestock. Well known for goat trading, goat rearing, goat breeds, fresh goat meat, boer goats and country breed goats for sale. We have experienced team members along with dedicated vet to maintain hygienic environment for goats and to take care of them. There are lots of goat breeds which are an important source of Milk, Fibre, Meat, Skin and Manure. We have put a lot of hard work to attain members trust for their investment in goat farming. We are working to ensures high number of goat breeding, sale of meat, managing goat milk & goat manure and nurturing of high quality studs.

Our Office Bearers

R. Shelin Mary
Honorable President
Vijaya Lekshmi
J. Gino Bai
Edwin Jaya Kumari
J. Johnsily Bai
Vice President
R. Vasantha Latha
Vice President
S.P Sindhuja
Joint Secretary
Joint Secretary

MALAR Trainings

Possessing the skill needs & Training enables individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of their daily lives. Successful trainings target women and thier entire family to achive sucess in thier lifes.Continious trainings are provided every Fourth Saturday to all field staff including village coordinators. Regular trainings on business related skills and training for Thulir Illam coordinators are provided.
In MALAR, many of the women lacks the basic skills required to effectively manage themselves and their households and to generate adequate income. Life skills and livelihood training pave the way to a healthier and safer lifestyle, more effective learning, increased income generation and an improved standard of living.
Through MALAR training programs, we work with those living in extreme situations to provide access to personal and livelihood skills training. Personal life skills training includes nutrition, hygiene, health, education,etc.. Livelihood skills training includes vocational skills development, financial literacy, entrepreneurial skills and basic management skills, such as teamwork, problem solving, and project management.
Every training given by MALAR won't as there regular follow up and further training.

Economic Empowerment

MALAR Economic Empowerment

MALAR plays a vital role in giving credit access to the poor and this is extremely crucial in poverty alleviation. They also play a great role in empowering women because SHGs help women from economically weaker sections to build social capital.
MALAR takes pride in the fact that the MALAR Self Help Group Credit Linkage Programme which is the largest microfinance programme in the district and, today touches 38,0000 households through 2000 SHGs with deposits of over ...... crore and annual loan offtake of more than ..... and loan outstanding of over ....... crore.


MALAR Schemes

MALAR Pension Scheme

MALAR Pension Scheme is a voluntary old age savings scheme laid out to allow the members make defined contribution towards scheduled savings thereby securing the future in the form of Pension. It is an attempt towards a sustainable solution to the problem of providing adequate old age income to every MALAR Member.Members may opt into this savings system with the minimum amount of Rs. 50 per month and period of 10 years minimum. Within a decade, the member will get twice the total savings, from which monthly pension so paid.

MALAR Ghee Scheme

Ghee distribution scheme started in 1997 onwards. This scheme was started based on the health study which indicates Severe iron deficiency anemia during pregnancy increases the risk of premature birth (when delivery occurs before 37 completed weeks of pregnancy). Iron deficiency anemia during pregnancy is also associated with having a low birth weight baby and postpartum depression. To prevent anemia in the pregnant mothers, we are distributing GHEE in their 7th month of Pregnency. They get this benifit for their two children. Every year 500 pregnant mothers are getting this benefit.

MALAR Death Relief Fund Scheme

Death Relief Fund Scheme scheme was started in 1997. The nominee of the deceased member will be paid Death Relief Fund after the death of any member. In this scheme 9997 members were joined. If the deceased member age is below 55, then the nominees will get Rs.2500. If the age is below 55, then the nominees will get Rs.5000. If the nominee is a minor, then the amount will be deposited in a bank.

MALAR Member Welfare Fund Scheme Scheme

The Member Welfare Fund Scheme was introduced in June, 2008. In this scheme, if member deceased, a sum of Rs. 25000 will be given to the nominee of the deceased and to meet the funeral expenses. To join this scheme, member wants to pay Rs.100/- every year. Every year 150 nominees are getting this benefit from this scheme.


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